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Remote Frontend Developer (saving the world!)
Location: Remote (UK based)
Salary: £40,000 – 50,000 (possibly a little more if London based)

There are so many challenges facing our planet, sometimes it’s hard to know what’s right and wrong.

The textiles industry has become a bit of a monster. Fast fashion has created one of the worlds most polluting industries, contaminating water, using synthetic materials like polyester and in many cases treating workers poorly, with much clothing shedding microplastics and hitting landfills before its able to be recycled.

There’s been a number of platforms pop up to encourage sharing or selling on second-hand clothing, going back as far as eBay.

This lot started slightly ahead of the recent trend and so have a good chunk of a rapidly growing market already engaged.

Some of their systems were built externally early on, which they’d like to remedy and bring in-house. They are going to be rearchitecting their MVPs to include all the things they’ve learnt so far on their 4-year journey.

The real kicker here though? Simply put, more people benefit from this platform than any other! With how their platform and service works, huge amounts of revenue are generated for charities and brilliant causes, all over the UK.

You’ll bring life to intuitive and user-friendly frontend systems using Javascript frameworks, so a couple years’ commercial experience with things like React, Angular or Vue.JS is required and you’ll use Typescript and the usual frontend languages, HTML, CSS Javascript, you know the drill.

A hefty amount of independence comes with the role but there’s an excellent CTO and former software architect to back you up, as well as an experienced engineering manager who will act partly as a mentor to guide you as you progress.

Overcoming challenges with data flows to improve customer experience will be a key early project and redesigning and implementing a new SaaS platform further down the line. They have so many features in the pipeline ready to build – they’re just waiting for you to get onboard to crack on!

The tech team is currently 4 people, growing to 7 by mid-summer and will be in double figures before 2021 ends, so there’s real room for growth here.

That said, if you’re wanting a big company with someone to help enhance all of your skills, this probably won’t leave you feeling warm and fuzzy. But if you have ideas and want to run a little wild trying new things, you could really enjoy your time here.

All while saving our planet… Well, the people on it, obvs the planet will be here long after us.

Any of the above feel like a bit of you? Definitely hit apply, slide into DMs or send up some smoke signals

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